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Real Life, Redux (#178)
The more "in the know" of you may recognize that this is a per-frame recreation of the first Real Life strip. Those of you not up on web comic society (and who are too lazy to follow the included link), just know that it's one of the longest running webcomics, and it's funny. Kinda. Also, everyone pretty much agrees that it's the single worst beginning to a major comic strip, bar none.
This is it: The beginning of the "big thing" that I've been working on for like 3 months. I've pushed it off for as long as I could, but I think that actually having it underway will light the fire under me to finish it off.

Also, I've re-cut all of my sprites and removed some of the whitespace jaggies. I'm really excited that I can overlay my characters without having to spend 20 minutes cleaning up stray white pixels. Viva la quality!

Real Life, Redux (#178)

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