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Flatworld (#179)
All right, here's the straight poop: Originally, the comic being talked about here was going to be rendered poorly in crayon, without taxing my artistic skills. I was going to make the comic as corny and flat-out bad as I could. As I thought about it more and more, I decided to instead put some effort into it and experiment with some new techniques. It came out pretty good. Color lent itself to the new method, and I decided to NOT greyscale the images. So while "Captain Square" by virtue of its complexity is actually BETTER than MSFT, I ask you as the audience to suspend your disbelief and pretend that it doesn't violate the laws put fourth by this comic.
I'll be talking about the new methods undertaken to create the comics as new episodes come up. I'm really excited about this, because it gave me the chance to push my meager artistic skills, and NOT be limited by the continuity of an existing title. Also, that the characters in MSFT are the ones "making" the comic is a cool idea - fictional characters creating their own fiction. Garp would be proud.
I present to you: CAPTAIN SQUARE

Flatworld (#179)

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