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We Are Moved To Tears (#421)
I almost feel like the text is secondary to the art in this comic - and that's a little sad, considering that even at its most elegant, it's still little more than a few shapes and shading.
You'll recognize "King Of All Trailer Park" as a slim parody of Katamari Damacy's "King Of All Cosmos". There is some grammatical peculiarity - either obscurely accepted for quirkily made up for the game - that makes his drop a few articles; Shouldn't it be "King of All Of The Cosmos", or "King of The Cosmos"? The only way I could wrap my head around this one is to accept "Cosmos" as a something like a country or state - so saying "King of Cosmos" is like saying "King of England." It makes sense. Apply that back down to a microscopic scale somewhere in Kentucky, and you'll have "King of Trailer Park." Of Course!

I'm going to do something with the art from this one; wallpaper to be certain (some is already in the works) but maybe a new shirt design, or poster, or something? I also like the logo on the KOATP's trucker cap - a wheeled John Deere poppin' a wheelie (the wheels make them go faster), but copyright may make that one a little tougher.
[edit: the wallpaper can be downloaded here (1024x768)]

The cost of living in this town is fitting for its trendy swanktitude. I live in an apartment very close to "downtown" - and while my rent is reasonable for the area, it is still very high as compared to the rest of the country. If I do decide to go ahead with this ronin-programmer idea that I've been mulling, I'll have to move someplace cheaper (Probably Easthampton, like most of the other webcomic artists), give up the second bedroom (which right now I'm using as a very large closet), and trim back my spending all around. But if all of these sacrifices go to making me overall more happy, it'll be worth it, right?

We Are Moved To Tears (#421)

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