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Complex Nuttery (#422)
I sometimes wonder how much forethought goes in to the agenda planning of... shall we say.. "ambush religious recruiters." Sometimes their plans are as simple as someone passing out tracts or faking a questionnaire to engage people in a conversation about Jesus. But other times it's a complexly baited trap; once in downtown Northampton the born-agains brought in a Lamborghini [knowing that people would flock around it], would begin talking to passers-by about it, and then spring the Jesus-talk. It's essentially the same thing as baiting an AA meeting with a "free beer" sign - bring in the viced and then scold them for their mistake.
I've always been fond of the people who mix religion with sheer nuttery. The people who will dare to wear a sandwich board proclaiming "JESUS IS COMING" and scream bible quotes through a megaphone, or who will brimstone-and-hellfire at you as you exit from your favorite cafe. In the past I would try engaging in theological debate with them. I learned quickly that people with THAT much conviction have very little stomach for raveling syllogisms or answering to inherent paradoxes.

Complex Nuttery (#422)

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