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MSFT occasionally has special features that get lost with time, buried under the mass of the archive.
In an attempt to keep these projects visible, I present this handy table of linkages to slake your boundless MSFT-thirst.

3/04 #178 Captain Square Subcomic adventures of superpowered geometry.
4/06 Girlycon 2006 Minicomic originally printed for Conbust 2006 at Smith College.
4/07 Way Educational "Coloring" Book Distributed for Conbust 2007 (with greyscale crayons).
- #421 We <3 MSFT MSFT meets Katamari, 1024x768 wallpaper
- Pastramisaurus Pastramisauris, 800x600 wallpaper
4/09 Squirrels Dressed As Famous People Minicomic printed for Conbust 2009
This comic is updated twice weekly, usually Tuesday/Thursday.
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