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What is that character's name?
Their names do not matter. They don't have one.
Don't you know that stick figure comics are SO last year?
I'm not an artist. I'm a very busy programmer. I'm lucky if I find the time to cut-and-paste together two comics a week, I'd never have to time to make them if I actually _drew_ them.
How long have you been doing this?
The first comic was uploaded on August 28th, 2001.
How come some comics are missing?
When I first started this comic, I used it as a personal soapbox. I used too many in-jokes, added characters willy-nilly, and worked with little regard for coherence or bigger story. I didn't know how to make a webcomic. To be fair, at the time the comic started nobody else did either.
In time I developed an idea for a larger story, and it became necessary to edit for coherency. Extraneous characters were cut. A number of comics were cut, re-ordered, or edited. It seems like such a major retcon is taboo for a webcomic, but screw it. This is just as much a story in development as it is a serial comic. If a "real" author can edit, I should be able to as well.
There is a BIG gap in the comics between 2009-2014. What happened there?
Stone cold reality.
Don't you know that every time you use Comic Sans, God kills a baby?
That's OK. I never cared much for babies anyway.
The comic is supposed to be, in ways, cliche. One of those is the use of Comic Sans. It was a conscious decision to make my comic look bad, and damn it, I'm sticking by it!
Where do you get your ideas? (also: Why aren't your comics funny?)
Most of my comics are ad-libbed together the same morning that I put them online. They're not based on "creation" so much as they are based on the delirium accompanying any attempts at thought before my first cup of coffee.
I don't get it.
I've been told that my sense of humor takes a little while to warm up to. If you have the time, go back in the archive and read 20 or 30 comics. As you get familiar with the method of storytelling and nuances of characterization, you may find that the comics make a little more sense.
Are you really a video game programmer?
Yes. And it's about as fun as the comic makes it to be: often stressful, generally unrewarding, but always interesting. People often make the mistake of confusing "game designers" with "game programmers" - which is like confusing a Game Boy with a graphing calculator. I am all calculator.
This comic is updated twice weekly, usually Tuesday/Thursday.
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